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Seymour Insurance Services 

CA License #OK73730

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Clifford Seymour CA License #0593124

Andrea Harlin CA License #0633160

Leonard Harlin CA License #0M54529

Why Should I Call Seymour Insurance Services ?

Good question. Insurance jargon can be very confusing. We know the ins and outs of the insurance business, and our inside knowledge of many companies and many products will work to your advantage. As independent agents we are not employed by one particular company. Instead, we can select insurance products from among those companies that best address your unique concerns.

Please don´t hesitate to call us with your questions no matter whether you are already a valued customer, a potential client or if you simply need expert advice. There will never be a charge for our assistance or for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

Our financial services include Medicare and Covered California(Affordable health insurance. We consult on Travel and Final Expense coverage. Finally we provide Medicare Minute seminars, newsletters and other educational opportunities for you and your organizations. Proudly serving the South Bay Los Angeles area.




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